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6 Reasons To Use Telemedicine To Fight Against COVID-19 in Nigeria

Telemedicine, sometimes called telehealth or e-health is a system where healthcare professionals use communication technology to treat patients without being physically present. Patients can stay in remote locations and access quality medical care quickly, efficiently and without travel.

Helium Health is offering free access to our telemedicine service till April 30th to help against the fight of COVID-19.

1. It will help lighten the burden on your hospital and the entire healthcare system

By using telemedicine for much simpler medical care, your healthcare facility will free up medical staff and equipment needed for those who become seriously ill from COVID-19. Your hospital’s medical team can use video or audio calls to gather information to find out whether care is urgently needed, or if a person can continue to self-monitor their symptoms. It can also be used for regular checkups on a patient in recovery.

2. It minimizes the risk to your medical team

With telemedicine, primary care physicians will be able to attend to more patients exhibiting zero to mild symptoms without standing the risk of infection.

3. It helps with social distancing

Since people won’t congregate in small spaces like consulting rooms and waiting rooms, the ability of the virus to hop from one person to another will be reduced. This will prevent your hospital from becoming a breeding ground for the virus and help flatten the curve.

4. It will help your hospital provide quality care to more people

COVID-19 will not stop people from contracting other diseases like malaria, typhoid or Lassa fever. Telemedicine will allow your healthcare facility to provide the same quality of care to patients who will be unable or unwilling to come to hospitals providing care to COVID-19 patients.

5. Your patients will get access to their medical history

At the end of each televisit, your patients will be given access to visit summaries via the MyHelium patient portal app. This will motivate the patients to stick to the medical recommendations and treatments that will help them recover

6. It will cost you nothing

As part of our efforts in the fight against COVID-19, we will be helping more hospitals connect directly and more easily with your patients. To this end, we will be offering unlimited access to telemedicine services via Helium Health’s EMR throughout the duration of the fight against COVID-19. Even better, it will take less than 5 minutes to set up.

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